MEPCO New Connection

If you are looking for a brand new electricity connection? Let us show you how to apply for it. You can go to the nearest office to fill out an application form and submit your application online. It’s totally up to you.


In the above image distribution section, you can see the different companies and select any of them in your region.


For Example, If you want to get the new meter connection of MEPCO, select the sub-division under MEPCO after choosing the preferred company.

New Meter Connection Procedure

Below are some steps you must follow to apply for a new meter:

  • Below are some steps you must follow to apply for a new meter connection:
  • Submit your online form here.
  • Upload scans of these documents:
  • Evidence of ownership.
  • The undertaking of the applicant.
  • Power of attorney in the event of multiple owners.
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) when the person applying is a tenant.
  • A certified copy of the applicant’s CNIC.
  • Attested copies of CNIC from two persons (not required in the case of single-phase connection).
  • A copy of that tariff signed by the customer.
  • Fill out an application.
  • Print a duplicate from the form you filled out.
  • Include a copy of all the required documents along with the application form.
  • The application should be sent along with all attachments to your office.
  • You will receive a demand letter upon verification of the documents.
  • You must now make payment on the demand notice to the bank that you have chosen.
  • Send a copy of the paid Demand notices to the appropriate office.
  • The connection to the meter will be connected after the payment verification of the demand notice.
  • If you’ve applied to a new meter connection and want to know your application’s status, go to the nearest office or contact the toll-free assistance line. If you want to check the Pepco bill regarding your latest connection, do it here.

If you’ve submitted an application for a new meter connection and you want to know your the status of your application, go to the nearest office or contact toll-free assistance line. If you’re interested in checking the the MEPCO bill regarding your latest connection, do it here..


Certainly, here’s a concise version of the steps for a prospective consumer to get a new connection:

  • Apply: Submit an application to your local distribution company (DISCO) with required documents.
  • Review: DISCO reviews your application and documents for feasibility.
  • Site Inspection: DISCO inspects the location to assess technical requirements.
  • Quotation: Receive a quotation for charges including application fees and security deposit.
  • Payment: Pay the charges as per the quotation provided.
  • Meter Installation: DISCO installs the meter at the approved location.
  • Activation: Connection is activated, and electricity supply begins.
  • Billing: Receive regular bills based on usage from DISCO.

The method of recording reading involves a meter reader or you can check by own, visiting your premises to note the numbers displayed on the electricity meter. These readings are used to calculate your consumption and generate accurate billing.

Here is the image below, as you can see the present units meter reading.

To correct a wrong electricity bill, follow these steps:

  • Check: Verify the discrepancies in the bill by comparing it with your meter readings and usage.
  • Contact Customer Service: Reach out to your local distribution company’s customer service, providing details of the errors and any evidence you have.
  • Submit Complaint: File a formal complaint with the company, either online, in person, or through their helpline.
  • Documentation: Keep records of your meter readings, previous bills, and any communication with the company.
  • Resolution: The company will investigate and rectify the issue. If errors are confirmed, they will issue a corrected bill.
  • Payment Adjustments: If you’ve overpaid, the excess amount will be adjusted in your future bills. If you’ve underpaid, you might need to pay the difference.
  • Follow Up: If the issue persists, escalate the matter to higher authorities within the company or regulatory bodies.

Remember, it’s crucial to promptly address incorrect bills to avoid payment issues and ensure accurate billing.

To reconnect a disconnected electricity connection, follow these general steps:

  • Clear Dues: Ensure that any outstanding dues, including unpaid bills and reconnection charges, are paid.
  • Contact DISCO: Get in touch with your local distribution company (DISCO) through their customer service, helpline, or online portal.
  • Request Reconnection: Inform the DISCO that you’d like to have your electricity reconnected. Provide necessary information like your account number and address.
  • Schedule Visit: The DISCO will schedule a visit to your premises to verify payment and assess any necessary repairs or updates.
  • Inspection and Approval: If everything is in order, the DISCO will approve the reconnection and make any required repairs or adjustments.
  • Reconnection: Once approved, the DISCO will physically reconnect your electricity supply.
  • Testing: The DISCO might conduct tests to ensure your electricity supply is stable and safe.
  • Confirmation: You will receive confirmation that your connection has been successfully reconnected.

To convert an electricity connection into another person’s name, follow these general steps:

  • Obtain Consent: Both the current account holder (you) and the new account holder (the person taking over) should agree to the transfer. Get their consent in writing.
  • Contact DISCO: Reach out to your local distribution company (DISCO) through customer service, their helpline, or their online portal.
  • Transfer Request: Submit a request to transfer the connection to the new person’s name. Provide required details, like account number, new account holder’s information, and relevant documents.
  • Documentation: Prepare the necessary documents, including a written consent letter from both parties, the new account holder’s identification documents, and any other documents specified by the DISCO.
  • Application Submission: Submit the transfer application and documents to the DISCO’s designated office or through their online platform.
  • Verification: The DISCO will verify the documents and conduct any required inspections.
  • Approval: Once the DISCO approves the transfer, they will update the account holder’s information.
  • Billing Updates: The new account holder will start receiving bills in their name.

The required documents for a new meter connection can vary based on your location and the policies of the local distribution company (DISCO) under WAPDA. However, here are some common documents that are often required:

  • Copy of CNIC: A copy of your valid Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) or equivalent identification.
  • Proof of Ownership/Tenancy: Document proving your ownership or tenancy of the premises where the meter will be installed. This could be a property deed, lease agreement, or rent receipt.
  • Site/Building Layout Plan: A layout plan indicating the proposed location for the meter installation within the premises.
  • Application Form: The completed application form provided by the DISCO, containing your personal details and connection requirements.
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC): If applicable, a NOC from relevant authorities, such as housing societies or regulatory bodies.
  • Agreement of Load: An agreement indicating the sanctioned load required for the premises.
  • Proof of Address: A document confirming your residential or business address, such as a utility bill or rental agreement.
  • Undertaking or Consent Letter: In case of transferring or changing the account holder’s name, a letter of consent or undertaking from both parties.
  • Any Other Specified Documents: Some DISCOs might require additional documents based on their specific requirements.

Yes, you can often track the status of your new meter connection application. Contact your local distribution company (DISCO) through their online portal, customer service, or helpline. Provide your application reference number to get updates on your application’s progress.