Subscribe WAPDA Monthly Bills Subscription

If you would like to receive your WAPDA bills via email every month, you can SUBSCRIBE here. Choose your preferred distribution company, such as MEPCO. Then, enter your 14-digit reference number and email address, and you’ll receive your MEPCO bill every month in your inbox.

Subscribe to Monthly Bill Service

You will receive your bill by email monthly from January to December. No matter when you are looking for your monthly MEPCO bill 2023 or when you are looking for it in the coming month, once you subscribe to the monthly bill, you are secure. Once the new bill is available, our automated system will check your reference number.


With the Pakistanelectricbills email service, you can receive your WAPDA bills electronically. It works by registering your email address, and they will send your monthly bills directly to your inbox.

To sign up for the Electricity Bill email service, visit our website, and look for the bill subscription. To complete the registration process, provide the required information, including your email address and 14-digit reference ID.

No, there is typically no fee associated with using the Bill email service.